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Professional Junk Car, Truck, SUV, & Scrap Metal Recycling throughout Long IslandQueensBrooklynThe BronxStaten Island, & Westchester. We proudly service all 5 boroughs of NY

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Turn Junk Metal Into Cash

Turn your junk carjunk truck, or junk SUV into cash. JCC Scrap Metal II will have you in and out of the Lindenhurst, NY location safely within minutes after dropping off your vehicle with top dollar paid for it. Regardless if the automobile is running or not, we can scrap it and give you cash. Your old clunker is not trash, so turn it into cash with junk car recycling!

Recently automobiles have become the most frequently recycled consumer good! You receive instant cash for all vehicles and scrap. We pick up and pay you cash on the spot.

Certified Weight Scale On Premises

This insures an accurate amount paid to each client when the metal is weighed.



Recycling saves in several ways, so much so, that the European Union and the United States each developed environment friendly initiatives, (End of Life Vehicle Directives and Cash for Clunkers), to reduce pollution and preserve resources. 

Here are some of the positive impacts of recycling:

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